Extreme sailing series – Act 1 Singapore – What we learnt

Brett Gibson February 24, 2014 0

Experience in the X-40 isn’t easily earned.

Some superstar teams lined up in Singapore for their first gathering. ETNZ, Team GB-BAR, and Team AUS all have plenty of America’s Cup and World Title results under their belts but the ability to push the multihull in a fleet is a different matter. The Swiss with their Multi-hull skills from the lakes showed the way through Alingi and Realstone.

The X-40 is a tough boat

The Groupama/Aberdeen crash was huge. It should really have put the Groupama boat out of the competition. But the shore teams got it back on the water a day later. If that had happened in an AC-45 it would have been carbon and kevlar soup in Marina Bay.

Sailing on an area the size of a football field is great for spectators

While the X-40 isn’t exactly built for tacking duels, the confines of the harbour and a 12 boat fleet make it near impossible to avoid multiple crossings on each leg. Big boats tacking 5 metres from the walkways makes an extraordinary spectacle.

Even though the races are short, the cream still rises

The races are only short and the boats are always in close proximity to one another. This sprint format might not please traditionalists but it allows teams to have a bit of bad luck but still come through with their quality. Many short races allow the fans to watch and understand what’s going on. Apparently 30,000 people watched the free event over the 4-Day regatta. It will be interesting to see how the new teams fair as the season goes on. They are good sailors and won’t be in the bottom half of the field for long.

Photos from Act 1, Singapore 2014 – © Lloyd Images